ThisIsYourTrial is an improvised comedy show. Top comedians play lawyers prosecuting and defending charges set against YOU.


★★★★Irish Sun


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The Phoenix – Saturdays, Feb 6th, Mar 5th, April 2nd, May 7th


37 Cavendish Square, London, W1G 0PP

Come see us in our regular London court, a stone’s throw from Oxford Circus. Different line-ups every show.

Feb: Thom Tuck, Ed Coleman, Brendan Murphy, Deborah Frances-White

March: Grainne Maguire, Tiernan Douieb, Charlotte Gittins, Tiff Stevenson

April: Howard Read, Tiernan Douieb, Tim FitzHigham, Grainne Maguire

May: Tim FitzHigham, Grainne Maguire, Tiff Stevenson, and Charlotte Gittins

THIS_IS_YOUR_TRIAL_12th feb-leicester.jpg

This Is Your (Showaddywaddy) Trial

featuring Dave Bartram

Feb 12th – Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival

(18.30 – 19.30)

PETER PIZZERIA 9 Welford Place

After one previous appearance at Dave’s Leicester Comedy festival in 2014, where we came to bury a king in the Trial of King Richard III, This Is Your Trial is back! This time, to right the wrongs committed by Leicester locals with special attention paid to the godfather of all the Teddy Boys trapped in the 1970s and beyond, Dave Bartram of Showaddywaddy!

Dave Bartram is being put before the court on multiple charges. Investigations continue as more evidence of his crimes against music, fashion and caravan parks is gathered.

Appointed Judge, Howard Read (CBBC ‘Little Howard’ and ‘Dangermouse’) presides over the proceedings alongside his court clerk Thom Tuck (CBBC ‘Horrible Histories’ and Radio4 sketch group ‘The Penny Dreadfuls’), laying down the law on defendants and their guest lawyers, Deborah Frances-White (Winner of the Writers’ Guild Award for Radio comedy 2016) and Paul Foxcroft (‘Monkey Toast’ improv guru).



The Grotto – Thursday, Dec 17th

(19.00 – 22.00)

27c Throgmorton Street, London, EC2N 2AN

It’s the Christmas Trial! – He knows when you’ve been bad or good. But what about Santa? We put him in the dock! (Plus other miscreants!)

With Judge Tim Fitzhigham, his clerk Tiernan Douieb and guest counsel: Josie Long & Arthur Smith… The critically acclaimed improvised show ends 2015 with a bang!




The Phoenix – Saturdays, Oct 3rd, Nov 7th and Dec 5th


37 Cavendish Square, London, W1G 0PP

Come see us in our regular London court, a stone’s throw from Oxford Circus. Different line-ups every show. With Howard Read, Thom Tuck, Tim FitzHigham, Trevor Lock, Deborah Frances-White, Paul Foxcroft and Charlotte Gittins in the next three shows.

assembly-logo     2015_Fringedateswithyear(trans_black)

Assembly –  Aug 5th-16th, 18th-30th (23.30)

The Box, Venue 8, George Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9LH

We’re heading back to Edinburgh! Hooray. With support from GetComedy. Same place, same time, but new cases. You will see who is in court on which dates from these pages. This year we will also be gathering reports of crime and evidence ahead of the shows. Keep tuned in to the site here and the Facebook page for updates

all rise for some proper off-the-rails anarchic humour and wit…..Flying by the seat of their briefs, the faux barristers prosecute and defend with some priceless improvised observations and references that often reduce the judge and his clerk to fits of giggles, as well as the audience” Mirror ★★★★★

The jury is the audience, & their cheers decide the verdict & trust me, you’ll end up cheering both sides throughout the feel-good nature of this excellent creation” Mumble Comedy ★★★★★

With such strong comedians behind it (and such a strong production team behind them), This Is Your Trial ensures a solid night of comedy with a refreshingly unique format” EDUNCOVERED ★★★★★

The only court where the law isn’t an ass, but the lawyers are” Al Murray

“A genuinely inventive, intelligent, comedy creation” Kate Copstick (Scotsman)

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