Edinburgh 2015 Listings


★★★★Irish Sun


(Please note: These listings are subject to change)

Aug 5th – Thom Tuck, Yianni, John Hastings and Tiff Stevenson

Aug 6th – Thom Tuck, Yianni, Ahir Shah and Amy Howerska

Aug 7th – Thom Tuck, Yianni, Dane Baptiste and John Hastings

Aug 8th – Jessica Fostekew, Thom Tuck, Rachel Parris and John Hastings

Aug 9th – Jessica Fostekew, Tiernan Douieb, Marcus Brigstocke and Howard Read

Aug 10th – Jessica Fostekew, Tiernan Douieb, Alex Edelman and John Hastings

Aug 11th – Howard Read, Tiernan Douieb, Rachel Parris and Trevor Lock

Aug 12th – Howard Read, Tiernan Douieb, Deborah Frances-White and Ari Shaffir

Aug 13th – Jessica Fostekew, Thom Tuck, Ahir Shah and Janey Godley

Aug 14th – Jessica Fostekew, Thom Tuck, John Hastings and Adrienne Truscott

Aug 15th – Jessica Fostekew, Tiernan Douieb, Howard Read and Trevor Lock

Aug 16th – Jessica Fostekew, Trevor Lock, John Hastings and Keith Farnan

Aug 17th – DAY OFF

Aug 18th – Howard Read, Trevor Lock, Craig Campbell and Tiff Stevenson

Aug 19th – Thom Tuck, Tiernan Douieb, Deborah Frances-White and Daniel Sloss

Aug 20th – Jessica Fostekew, Tiernan Douieb, Ahir Shah and Keith Farnan

Aug 21st – Howard Read, Tiernan Douieb, Paul Foxcroft and Keith Farnan

Aug 22nd – Jessica Fostekew, Thom Tuck, Tiff Stevenson and Trevor Lock

Aug 23rd – Thom Tuck, Trevor Lock, Al Murray and Angela Barnes

Aug 24th – Deborah Frances-White, Thom Tuck, Trevor Lock and Jo Caulfield 

Aug 25th – Trevor Lock, Thom Tuck, Yianni and Caroline Maybey

Aug 26th – Howard Read, Tiernan Douieb, Charlotte Gittins and Keith Farnan

Aug 27th – Howard Read, Tiernan Douieb, Marcus Brigstocke and Rachel Parris

Aug 28th – Howard Read, Yianni, Trevor Lock and Charlotte Gittens

Aug 29th – Jessica FostekewTiernan Douieb, Howard Read and Ed Coleman

Aug 30th – Howard Read, Thom Tuck, Trevor Lock and Ed Coleman

Buy tickets here – https://www.assemblyfestival.com/event/152/

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